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Despider, Bomberman Quest

Despider (デスパイダ Desupaida), also known as Spider, is an enemy in the Bomberman series. It is a large spider that uses a unique web attack.


Despider moves slowly, randomly turning at corners. If a player lines up with it horizontally or vertically on the map while it is centered on a tilespace, it will stop, turn, and shoot a string of web in the direction of the player. The string passes over four tilespaces and creates a large spiderweb on the fifth consecutive space. This attack can pass over all obstacles and will damage players on contact. Although the web appears to be big, it only affects a single tilespace on the map.

Bomberman World

In Bomberman World, Despider reappears on Planet Fire. He moves slowly towards the player. If it falls within the player's 4 tile spaces, Despider will fire a web that covers the 3x3 square in front of him, stunning for 3 seconds. This web can be fired through Soft Blocks.

Bomberman Quest

In Bomberman Quest, Despider takes on a different attack pattern. It pursues Bomberman, moving at a slow pace. Often, it will throw three small webs in the player's direction. The webs spread at angles and stop a couple of tilespaces away from Despider. They shortly disappear.

It is suggested to equip the Power Glove during this battle. This will allow Bomberman to throw bombs at Despider without having to come close enough to be hit by the webs or to be chased by the monster.

Upon defeat, Despider yields the Hammer item. It also guards the entrance to a cave that contains two more monsters, Matango and Radiobomb Jr.

When Bomberman meets Despider, it laughs at him in a creepy manner.

Bomberman Tournament

In Bomberman Tournament, he was named Saspider (サスパイダー). Unlike his previous incarnations, he can quickly perform his web attack if Bomberman is in sight. It takes 2 hits to defeat.


  • The name "Despider" comes from the Japanese words "desu", meaning "death", and "supaida", meaning "spider." When it originally appeared in Super Bomberman 3, it was simply known as "Spider."
  • This enemy first appeared in an earlier Hudson Soft game, Neutopia II.



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