Ho ho ho ho! You may not have realized it, but the real star of this game is me!

Deral, Bomberman Quest

Deral[1] is a character who first appeared in Saturn Bomberman Fight!! She was built from various combat data of past Bomber Fighters, which had been collected by an underground organization. She is the final opponent to be faced in the Bomber Tournament, and is the strongest opponent.[2]

Bomberman Quest

In Bomberman Quest, Deral appears as a secret boss character. She can be faced in Hurricommander's room of Boss Cave 3 after both Rewishia and Pyro Commander have been defeated. She attempts to steal the spotlight from Bomberman, calling herself the "star of the game" and challenging him to a battle. Once the battle has been initiated, the player cannot access the Menu Screen without leaving the room.


Deral moves quickly, often running toward Bomberman. When she is hit, and at other random times, Deral will warp to another random location in the room. She carries bombs and then throws them at Bomberman.

Deral has 10 HP. Homing Bombs will not seek her. Upon her defeat, Bomberman's HP will increase by one.[3]


  • Her name, gender, chrome humanoid body, and biography all make her a direct reference to Dural from the Virtua Fighter series.


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