Denta is a character appears in Saturn Bomberman Fight!! He is Kotetsu's rival, a cool and collected ninja who loves the dark.

Denta was working as a free agent ninja during the Edo period, when one day, he found himself shrouded in a rainbow-colored light. When the light disappeared, he was in a strange room full of mysterious mechanisms. A voice called out to him, and an image of Bomberman appeared before him. The voice offered him a reward for the killing of Bomberman. Denta joined the Bomber Tournament in order to complete this task.

Along the way, Denta encountered his old rival, Kotetsu. He vowed to defeat Kotetsu as well.

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During Denta's story in the Story Mode, Denta confronted and defeated Bomberman, but hesitated before issuing the final blow. His target left after commending his skills, unaware of his intentions. He later met and defeated Kotetsu in combat, taking his revenge. However, it seemed that he had forgotten why they were rivals in the first place.

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