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Artwork from the Super Bomberman 4 Hudson Official Guidebook

Dash Bomber (ダッシュボンバー) is a minigame in Super Bomberman 4.


When enabled in the Battle Game, it gives the winning player of a Single Match the opportunity to gain an item for the next match.

After the celebratory screen is given for the winner of a match, that player will enter the Dash Bomber minigame. In the minigame, the player is seated in a race car. The car accelerates when the B button is held down and the player can steer left or right with the directional pad. At the end of a long, straight stretch of road are six lanes, each containing a random item. Whichever lane that the player is on at the end of the track will determine the item that the player is granted for the next match.[1]

The available items in Dash Bomber mode are as follows:[2]




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