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SB5 - Darkness

Darkness is a trap in the Bomberman series.


It is basically covering the whole area into dark, making very hard to see. Except some rare cases, the Spotlights are always used in conjunction in the levels they appear to help the players.

Super Bomberman[]

In Super Bomberman it is found in Light Zone, here the effect affects everything; characters, powerups, bombs and their blast. In Super Bomberman 5, it is used in Two Lights; here the characters and bombs are not affected by the effect, but powerups and bomb blasts are.

Bomberman Portable[]

In Bomberman Portable it is featured in two different versions: in Battle Mode it appears in Searchlights, the screen is already dark and characters are affected by the darkness, but powerups, bombs and blast are visible normally. The Normal Mode features a different take, appearing in the Spook World, here the screen is normal by default, but the Soft Blocks of the stages are made of lanterns, when the player destroy them, the stage become more dark.

Bomberman '94[]

In Bomberman '94, it is found in Cura Cura Castle, appearing only in the PCE version of the game. Here, the player is surrounded by a spotlight, while outside its range, everything is plunged into darkness, Exit Doors and Spirit Pictures Pieces can still be seen, as for the enemies only their eyes are visible.

Bomberman GB 2[]

In Bomberman GB 2, it appears in Cavern Area and Battle Stage 5, the Oil Barrel must be lit in order for the area to be completely lighted, the entire room will be lit for around 10 seconds before going back dark again. During Darkness, Blocks, Items, Bombs and their explosions will be completely shadowed, while the characters are visible normally.

Bomberman Quest[]

In Bomberman Quest, there are dark areas that can only be illuminated by using the Lamp. There are some instances where the Lamp can not be used, such as in the first room of the Ruins in Forest Zone.

Bomberman Tournament[]

Darkness is also found in Bomberman Tournament appearing in certain caves or dungeon's rooms. Here the characters, bombs and their blast can be seen normally, but the background is completely dark. Dorako is required in order to light those places.