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Dark Wood is a level in Bomberman Hero. It is the fifth level of Area 2 of Planet Bomber, the Sea of Trees, and it can only be accessed by taking the regular exit from Red Cave. The Rank 5 target score is 2500 (1500 for Japanese version), and the cap is 2550. It should be noted that it's the shortest stage in the game.


Dark Wood is mainly a woods level with many tornadoes and Kirikabu enemies around.


The main objective for White Bomberman is to reach the end of the stage. Tornadoes are introduced in this stage. As Pibot on the walky-talky says, the white tornadoes are harmless while the red ones are harmful. There are also Kirikabu enemies that spray out poison gas to attack. To earn the target score, White Bomberman must collect all of the gems and defeat the Kirikabu monsters. The exit is located on the far left side of the higher area.



Adok Bomb[]

The Adok Bomb of this level is located on a higher platform. White Bomberman must ride the lone white tornado up to the platform and down someways to get the Adok Bomb.

Treasure Hunt[]

Japanese and Western Version Differences[]

Changes to the Western version:

  • A firepower is on the second stump after the first red tornado instead of a blue gem.
  • A blue gem is above the first fake tree instead of a heart.
  • A blue gem is above the leftmost fake tree instead of a pink gem.
  • Only three blue gems are at the far end of the stage instead of four.
  • The upper area on the left has a blue gem and a gold gem instead of a 1-up and a gold heart.
  • A switch for a horizontal moving platform was added before the two large tree stumps.
  • A gold gem is added on top of the left big tree stump near the exit.
  • A blue gem is added on top of the right big tree stump near the exit.
  • A blue gem is added to the right of the red tornado just before the exit.
Japanese Version Western Version
BHero Dark Wood JP 1 BHero Dark Wood EN 1
BHero Dark Wood JP 2 BHero Dark Wood EN 2
BHero Dark Wood JP 3 BHero Dark Wood EN 3