Dark Stage is the fifth and final stage in Super Bomberman 2. It is Plasma Bomber's domain in the Dastardly Bombers' ship. In all but one of the normal stages, each room is completely dark when the stage begins. There are many hidden traps scattered throughout.

The Capsules in this stage will activate or deactivate when they are hit with an explosion. They must all be activated at the same time in order to clear the stage. The Soft Blocks in this stage may respawn after having been destroyed, provided that there are no items, bombs, or other obstacles on top of them.

After the Plasma Bomber was defeated, the base exploded. Its remains fell to Earth.






  • Dark Stage is the only stage from Super Bomberman 2 that does not reappear in Super Bomberman 5.

In-depth screenshots of the 5-5 shortcut.

  • Normally, to get through Stage 5-5, the player must navigate a narrow passageway littered with Moving Blocks and Invisible Land Mines. Using the Power Glove this level can be made much less tedious by taking the following shortcut:
    • Throw a bomb onto the opposite side of the desired Moving Block.
    • Wait a few moments before planting 2 bombs above (or below) where the Moving Block is going to go.
    • Maneuver Bomberman so that he is standing slightly on top of the tile space where the Moving Block is going to be.
    • Once the Moving Block is in position, have Bomberman walk into it. He will be bounced forward into the divider, and then back in the opposite direction across the bombs. He will then exit off the bottom of the screen and reappear on the other side. This shortcut is much less deadly if the player has the Bomb Pass and Remote Control power-ups.



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