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Dark Doll is one of the five boss characters in Bomberman Land, Bomberman Land 3 and Bomberman Land Portable.


Bomberman Land[]

In his debut appearance in Bomberman Land, Dark Doll is met by Cheerful White and his companions in the Tower of White Zone where he is challenged to compete in a classic boss fight. It takes 3 hits to defeat Dark Doll. He neither attacks nor dodges the attacks from other players, but he makes up for it by bowing down which cause ten of his illusory clones to flicker all around the arena and lands in a random tilespace while white smoke comes out.

Bomberman 64 (2001)[]

Appears as a boss in the Classic Mode, available in two versions.

He moves randomly at a fast speed and is very smart in avoiding bombs. He pauses, bows down and creates 10 illusory clones of himself, before landing to a random tilespace of the map while black smoke comes out. He also lays bombs and when detonated, they have a 5 tile 4 directional blast. He harms the player on collision. He takes 2 hits to defeat.

A second darker version of Dark Doll that is far more aggressive and a lot more faster is fought. He takes 4 hits to defeat.

Bomberman Land 2[]

Dark Doll returns in Bomberman Land 2 as an antagonist led by Dark Bomber.

Bomberman Land 3[]

In Bomberman Land 3, Dark Doll acts as a member of a team of villains led by Dark Bomber. He, along with his fellow villains, was ordered to defeat Cheerful White and his friends.

Bomberman Land Portable[]

In his most recent appearance in Bomberman Land Portable, Dark Doll acts as the second boss of the game. He was ordered by Dark Bomber to brainwash everyone in Yellow Zone, the zone he is also fought in. Upon arrival in the Bomber Castle, he challenges the player to beat his score in the Parking II minigame. After Dark Doll is defeated, he escapes and is later met again in White Zone where he challenges the player a second and last time. Throughout the game, Dark Doll is unusually generous and is always in a good mood.

Bomberman Kart DX[]

In Bomberman Kart DX, Dark Doll appears as a boss in the Survival Mode. He is also a playable character.