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Dark Bomber is the main antagonist in Bomberman Land, Bomberman Land 3 and Bomberman Land Portable.


Bomberman Land[]

In his debut appearance in Bomberman Land, Dark Bomber is met by Cheerful White and his companions in the Tower of White Zone as the final boss where he is challenged to compete in a fight. He attacks by throwing disc-like objects and cross-headed lightning bolts at the player. It takes 8 hits to defeat Dark Bomber.

Bomberman 64 (2001)[]

Appears as the last boss in the Classic Mode. In the fight, he first appears hidden under a black cloak, then is directly fought under his wasp form.

The area he is fought on is a plain field, without any Hard Blocks. He moves around randomly at a slow speed and sometimes pauses and starts glowing and releases lines of cross-headed lightning in multiple directions, that will stun the player upon contact. He is very smart in avoiding bombs. He also pauses and shoot 3 discs in a straight line (similar to the attack from Dark Rose). He also lays bombs and when detonated, they have a 5 tile 4 directional blast. He harms the player on collision.

He takes 8 hits to defeat.

Bomberman Land 2[]

In Bomberman Land 2, Dark Bomber, once again, is the main antagonist, as he kidnaps Cute Pink so he can marry her.

Bomberman Land 3[]

In Bomberman Land 3, Dark Bomber, again, acts the main antagonist, leading a team of villains made up of Dark Witch, Dark Piece, Dark Doll and Dark Rose.

Bomberman Land Portable[]

In his most recent appearance in Bomberman Land Portable, Dark Bomber, again, acts as the main antagonist of the game. He ordered his allies to brainwash everyone in the entire park and defeat Cheerful White and his friends. Dark Bomber resides in the Bomber Tower in White Zone throughout and is only mentioned until he appears in the final showdown of the game. Upon arrival at the Bomber Tower, the player is informed that he must battle against all bosses, before facing Dark Bomber. In order to defeat Dark Bomber, the player has to beat his score in the Lily Pad Leap minigame and the Log Logic II minigame.

During the game (at first), Dark Bomber is cruel, sadistic, remorseless, sneaky, scheming and condescending with an impatient attitude, and believes he has a very busy schedule. After his defeat, and when the player goes to continue the game, it is revealed that he, along with Dark Piece, Dark Rose, Dark Doll and Dark Witch, are just actors, and says that the Director is the one responsible for the scattering of the Zone Pieces in Bomberman Land, to which he surrenders and admits it was all his fault for that and the plane crash. Of course, Dark Bomber is easily angered, and hates being falsely accused of atrocities he did not do, which is explicitly revealed during his bitter heated argument with the Director, but also gets very emotional and sad, as seen by his spiral eyes of sorrow and despair. However, after the credits and post-credits cutscene with Rainbow Zone being unlocked, Dark Bomber reforms and cheers on White and Mini to collect the Zone Pieces of Rainbow Zone, revealing a far more positive, happier and benevolent side to his nature. According to his text message to White while he is first entering Rainbow Zone, Dark Bomber reveals that he, along with his other gang members are currently holding a contest for everyone who can beat him and his now-reformed gang for being rewarded with Bom Coins, revealing a kind, caring and generous side after his and his allies' redemption.

Bomberman Kart DX[]

In Bomberman Kart DX, Dark Bomber appears as a boss in the Survival Mode. He is also a playable character. He also appears, albeit in his wasp monster form, as enemies during Bagura's boss fight. The first variation is a metallic red, blue and silver gray medium-large robot summoned by Bagura to prove the player's worth of strength whilst he is protected by his shield, and the second variation is a small metallic black, white and gray robot summoned by Bagura as servants during the actual fight.