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Dancing Clown (ダンシングピエロ, Danshingu Piero) is a rideable enemy from Super Bomberman 4. It comes from a mechanical Egg.


Dancing Clown appears in Super Future. It moves at a normal pace in a straight line until it collides with a block, bomb, or other enemy, at which point it pauses, chooses a random direction, and then continues to move. It may choose to reverse directions even if it is not at a dead end. It will harm the player on collision.

When Dancing Clown lines up horizontally or vertically with a player, and there are no obstacles between them, it will pause briefly before firing a musical note in the direction of that player. The sound wave takes the shape of a duo of musical notes and moves in a straight line, only disappearing if it collides with an obstacle or explosion or if travels five tile spaces away from its original position. A player who is hit by the sound wave will be stunned and forced to dance for a brief amount of time. Enemies that are hit by the sound wave will be frozen for a certain period of time. Dancing Clown takes 2 hits to defeat and yields a score of 400 points.

Upon defeat, Dancing Clown becomes a mechanical Egg. In Battle Mode, it can be found randomly in Eggs that are uncovered in Soft Blocks.


Players who ride Dancing Clown are able to fire its sound wave attack. The sound wave travels more slowly than it does when it is fired by the enemy in the Normal Game. This wave attack could even be used to stun the Four Bomber Kings and Bomber Great, which players use as an advantage to make the fights easier.



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