Dahl (ダル, literally Daru), also kwown as Dall and Blockhead, is a recurring enemy from the Bomberman series. They resemble barrels.

Bomberman (NES)

Dahl appears first in the NES version of Bomberman, it is found on some levels, after the Onils, It moves at a slightly fast speed, doing some bouncy moves (it don't do jumps, but it does some bouncy moves), it is not hard to kill, but it can be tricky for new players. Dahls are not smart, even less intelligent than Baroms and they won't try to chase Bomberman, prefering to move from the left to right, sometimes switching to up and down. They commonly get stuck in walls.

Other Bomberman Games

Dahl reappears in many bomberman games, some games have him walking slowly, instead of turning it faster, some games have his speed unmodified, It is included in the games with the classic gameplay (The single player mode where you need to kill all the enemies to advance).


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