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The title "Cyclops Caterpillar" is unofficial because the subject's actual title is unknown.

Cyclops Caterpillar (unofficial name) is the first boss in Bomberman World (Arcade).


A large cycloptic caterpillar encountered on Japan. When his body segments are damaged with the first hit, they split into 8 smaller versions of the boss called Cyclops Caterpillar Juniors, who are his children, and each of them require 3 hits to defeat, and Cyclops Caterpillar requires the same amount. Cyclops Caterpillar moves slowly, wandering around the area in all horizontal, vertical and diagonal directions. The 8 Cyclops Caterpillar Juniors do the same thing as their father once they're separated.

Both Cyclops Caterpillar and the 8 Cyclops Caterpillar Juniors will harm the player on collision and rarely pursues the player.