Cyclone Bomber (サイクロンボンバー) is the only female member of the Dark Force Bombers. She is a witch who fights with the spirit of wind.

Bomberman Wars

In Bomberman Wars, Cyclone Bomber makes her first chronological appearance, attacking Bomber Continent alongside the rest of the Dark Force Bombers. She is fought in the Wind Palace at the northeast point of the map.

Cyclone Bomber is capable of flying great distances across any and all obstacles in her way. Her special ability is the "Cosmic Cyclone", a gust of wind issued from her hand fan that she can use to push enemies back several spaces.

Upon defeat, Cyclone Bomber is sealed away in a Blue Crystal by King Bomber.


  • Move - 4
  • Range - 1
  • Special - Cosmic Cyclone (4 uses)

Bomberman World

Several hundred years after the events of Bomberman Wars, Cyclone Bomber is released from her Blue Crystal, revived, and given an upgrade by Bagura. She conquers Planet Wind and is the second Dark Force Bomber that Bomberman encounters.

Cyclone Bomber is able to transform into a large, slow-moving cyclone and pursue the player. When she transforms, she also creates four smaller cyclones that move out in all four directions. The player will take damage upon colliding with them. She is also able to hover up into the air, evading explosions for a short time, and then teleport to another location. Her bombs have a Fire range of 4.

Upon defeat, Cyclone Bomber fights Bomberman with Bassari. She is ultimately bested and is once again sealed away in a Blue Crystal.



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