The Curve Mark (カーブマーク), also known as Arrow (矢印), is a trap that appears in some Bomberman games. It appears as an arrow that covers one tilespace. When a bomb is kicked onto the Curve Mark, that bomb will continue moving but will change directions so that it moves in the direction in which the Curve Mark is pointing.


Kicked bomb detonation locations in Super Bomberman 3.

There are 3 types of Curve Marks; Static Curve Marks, Rotating Curve Marks, and Rotating Arrows. Static Curve Marks generally appear as a simple arrow drawn onto the floor. They do not change throughout the battle. Rotating Curve Marks, however, tend to be further distinguished with circle around them, and periodically change directions. Rotating Arrows (Super Bomberman 5) will also change direction but only after being hit by an explosion.

Static Curve Marks usually lead to other static Curve Marks, often forming loops. By guesstimating the time of detonation for a bomb, and thus the destination, players can use these traps to their own advantage in order to attack players who are across the map.


Artwork from the Super Bomberman 2 Guidebook



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