Ha ha! You better watch out or I'll spin your way!

Curansee, Bomberman Quest

Curansee (シツコイン, Persistent Coin, in Japan) is an enemy in the Bomberman series. It is similar in appearance to the Pontan and the Kinkaru, but differs in that it cannot pass through Soft Blocks


Super Bomberman 2

In Super Bomberman 2, Curansee appears in Stage 5. It moves quickly, constantly pursuing the player, and will harm the player on collision.[1]

Bomberman Quest

Curansee moves slowly and randomly. When it lines up horizontally or vertically with the player, and there are no bombs between them, it will quickly move in the direction of the player. It also tries to avoid bombs on the field. It will harm the player on collision. It has 5 HP and yields the Jump Shoes upon defeat.[2]

Bomberman Max

Curansee moves quickly, constantly pursuing the player, and will harm the player on collision. Often, a special building in the stage will spawn more Curansees as they are destroyed.

Bomberman DS

An enemy that may be a Curansee appears in Bomberman DS. It moves about aimlessly, only changing direction upon collision with bombs or walls. It will pursue the player if he or she is horizonally within 6 spaces, and there are no objects between them.


Curansee's original Japanese name, "Shitsukoin", is a word play combining the word "coin" with the Japanese word "shitsukoi", which means "insistent" or "persistent".



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