Look at my eyes--you are getting sleepy. Your body is getting heavy.

Crystal Demon, Bomberman Quest

Crystal Demon is an enemy that appears in Bomberman Quest and Bomberman Tournament. It is a magical crystal ball with eyes and a cape that attacks by throwing its scythe.

Bomberman Quest

Crystal Demon flies around aimlessly, throwing its scythe at Bomberman. The scythe swings back to Crystal Demon like a boomerang, and he will catch it if it reaches him. However, it is possible for him to repeatedly dodge the scythe, causing it to loop around the room several times. The axe will harm Bomberman on collision, but Crystal Demon will not.

Because Crystal Demon is airborne, it can only be damaged with bombs that have circular explosions, such as the Flak Bomb. Homing Bombs can be thrown at it with the Power Glove in order to execute more accurate attacks. The lava around the middle of the room can be safely traversed with the Safety Shoes. Crystal Demon has 6 HP and yields the Glasses item upon its defeat.[1]

Bomberman Tournament

Crystal Demon moves quickly, randomly turning or reversing directions. Periodically, it will vanish for a while before reappearing in a random location. Upon reappearing, it will throw a scythe directly at Bomberman. The scythe moves slowly in a straight line until it reaches the edge of the screen. Both Crystal Demon and its scythes will harm Bomberman on collision.



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