Crush Squid is the second boss in the game Bomberman Generation. It begins the fight as a battleship with tentacles hidden inside before emerging as a large squid. It sleeps in the waters of the Octo Ocean.

Boss Fight

Crush Squid begins as a Hige Hige Battleship. The three turrets on the front of the ship will fire every so often while the ship moves to and away from the shore. When the ship is close enough, the player must blow up the turrets to reveal a tentacle in each slot. Once all three are destroyed, the cannon on top will become active and fire large blasts at the player. The tentacles can injure Bomberman and slap bombs away which can make destroying the cannon very difficult. Once it is destroyed, Crush Squid will reveal himself...

The Crush Squid can only be injured in one way. The player must bomb him once, which will make him shudder. After a few more seconds, he will reach down with his arms and swallow whatever is in his path. This is when a bomb should be used. He will continue to fire little squids that will swim through the air and detonate if touching Bomberman or a bomb. After it has lost some health, Crush Squid will occasionally stop and fire squids that crash into the ground and explode. The safest place for the player is beside the Squid itself.


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