The Crush Bombers are a group of five evil Bomber-like characters that rival White Bomberman and his friends in their only appearance in the game Bomberman Generation. They are a mercenary-like group hired by Mujoe for their exceptional abilities, and to keep White Bomberman from foiling his plans to retrieve and control the Bomb Elements - the moving force for the game's plot. The Crush Bombers are very loyal to their master as they would do anything to fulfill their mission. Although they all put up a difficult fight than expected from White Bomberman, they are eventually defeated, failing their assigned mission, and are not heard of since.


  • Megaton Bomber - the "strength" of the Crush Bombers. Megaton Bomber makes use of his cybernetically enhanced strength and a spiked ball and chain. He is very strong, true to his namesake, but isn't very intelligent, either.
  • Beauty Bomber - the "red jewel" of the Crush Bombers. Beauty Bomber makes use of a triad of rocket-powered lasers that follow her wherever she goes. She is materialistic and spoiled, and often gloats on her "pretty" looks.
  • Eagle Bomber - the "blue falcon" of the Crush Bombers. Eagle Bomber makes use of his specialized jetpack and its silver wings to make aerial attacks. He is very arrogant and extremely proud of the fact he is the only one who can truly "fly".
  • Assault Bomber - the "reaper" of the Crush Bombers. Assault Bomber makes use of several weapons which are fitted with his robotic body, including a vacuum and a personalized machine gun. He is deeply insane and attacks anything within sight with appalling ferocity.
  • Bomber Elite - the "leader" of the Crush Bombers. Bomber Elite makes use of his powerful psychic abilities that make him a difficult and deadly opponent to beat. He is mature for his age and holds more honor than the rest of his teammates, but is a bit eccentric and childlike due to his isolation.


Each member of the Crush Bombers has an ability that resembles one from the Four Bomber Kings:

Megaton Bomber = Hammer Bomber

  • Usage of a spiked ball and chain, and enhanced strength. Megaton Bomber is the stupider one, though.

Beauty Bomber = Lady Bomber

  • Usage of three rocket-powered lasers, though Lady Bomber is more aggressive in battle.

Eagle Bomber = Jet Bomber

  • Usage of a specialized jetpack, though Eagle Bomber's is more practical and sleek-looking than Jet Bomber's. Jet Bomber also suffers from a split-personality disorder.

Assault Bomber = Bazooka Bomber

  • Usage of armed weaponry on their arms, though Assault uses both a machine gun and a vacuum; Bazooka Bomber is more sane than the former.

Bomber Elite = Bomber Great

  • Usage of a special ability that renders them invincible; Bomber Elite is more powerful because of his wide variety of psychic abilities, though.
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