Cronus is Natia's robotic companion from Bomberman Hero and by extension associated with the Four Devils of Garaden. It is a giant robotic spider that can fly around the room and fire missiles. Its main attack is to fire a laser from its eye which is also its weak point. The first time the player faces Cronus is at the end of Mazone Star although he is seen earlier in the game. During the first fight, the player must defeat Cronus while Natia flys around on a small platform taunting you. Once Cronus is defeated, Natia leaps down from her platform to face you herself.

In Garaden Star, the player faces Cronus in a separate boss battle from Natia. He swims around in the lava and pops out randomly to either fire lasers at you or chase you while firing missiles.


  • It is the only mechanical boss in the game (excluding Bagular's tank and helicopters).
  • It is the only boss to survive in fire/lava (excluding Nitros).
  • It is one of the few bosses ever to be revived in a Bomberman game.
  • During the second boss fight with Natia, tiny versions of Cronus continue to drop down from the ceiling.


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