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Crawler (クローラ Kurōra) is an enemy in the Bomberman series.


It is a large caterpillar that likes to roll around.

Super Bomberman 3[]

In Super Bomberman 3, Crawler is found in the Pyramid. It moves slowly, pursuing the player. When Crawler comes within a three tile distance of a player, it will curl up, becoming immune to explosions. After a while, it will return to its crawling form, and will not be able to curl up for a few more seconds. Collision with the monster will harm players. It takes 1 hit to defeat and yields a score of 500 points.

Bomberman Tournament[]

In Bomberman Tournament, Crawler behaves very differently than it does in its previous incarnation. It moves quickly by jumping from intersection to intersection, relentlessly pursuing the player. It is able to jump over single obstacles in between intersections, such as Soft Blocks or bombs. It will roll quickly in the direction of the player on sight, even if there are obstacles between it and the player. When it is rolling, it is still vulnerable to explosions. It takes 2 hits to defeat, and could potentially drop Gold or Small Medicine.


This enemy first appeared in an earlier Hudson Soft game, Neutopia II.



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