Crator (Legendary Majin, in Japan) is a legendary meteorite-like monster that appears in Saturn Bomberman. The monster was trapped in the Crystal Tower, but is freed by Mujoe, Dr. Mechado, and the Hige Hige Bandits.

Boss Battle


Crator slowly moves diagonally around the arena, passing through all obstacles. It will harm the player on collision. Eventaulously, he stops making one of 4 attacks:

  • Crator will quickly spin and bounce off the walls, during which time he is invincible and will detonate every bomb he touches. He becomes dizzy later, leaving him immobile for 5 seconds.
  • Fireballs: Crator throws 8 fireballs into the air, which fall into random parts of the arena.
  • Cold air: Crator inhales his cheeks and blows a gale of cold air. Any bombs hit in the gale will be frozen and the player will be stunned for 3 seconds if hit. If any bombs are frozen, Crator will follow with an earth strike, detonating all bombs in the arena.

HP and Score

Crator takes 8 hits to destroy. It worth 5000 points.



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