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Crane Hand (クレーンハンド) is a boss in Super Bomberman. It is the third boss of the game. It is a large machine that is piloted by Dr. Mook.


  • Crane Hand quickly moves left and right along the rail at the top of the screen, reversing its direction when it reaches the end of the rail. It has a speed of five. The player cannot walk over the rail. Colliding with the boss's arm stumps will cause harm, but touching the boss itself will not.
  • Arms - Crane Hand stops its movement and quickly extends one or both of its arms all the way to the bottom of the screen. Before it extends an arm, the claw on that arm will open and remain stationary for a brief moment, giving players a warning. During this attack, the extending arm will harm players on collision, even before it extends. After both arms are retracted, Crane Hand will resume its normal movement pattern.
  • Missiles - Crane Hand will stop moving and release a Missile from its hatch before resuming its normal movement pattern. The Missiles move slowly, turning or reversing their directions upon collision with a wall, bomb, or other Missile. If a Missile collides with a bomb, it will punch that bomb three tile spaces in the direction that it is facing. Each Missile can be destroyed for 400 points. There can only be three Missiles on screen at the same time.


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