Crab Bazooka Bomber is a super combined Bomberman debuting in the Bomberman Jetters anime in episode 37. It is a combination between a crab and a bazooka, although it was combined off-screen.

When the Jetters thought that Bomber Zero was Max, "Max" and Misty ran off. Before the Jetters could even chase them, they were attacked by Crab Bazooka Bomber. Mujoe created Crab Bazooka Bomber to steal the B-1 trophy, which was won by Bomber Zero in episode 36. White Bomber attempted to hit Crab Bazooka Bomber with a bomb, but failed because Crab Bazooka Bomber dodged the bomb. Shout and Birdy devised a plan to stop Crab Bazooka Bomber from continually dodging it; they blocked Crab Bazooka Bomber's pathway from both its left and its right, since crabs can only walk sideways. With this technique, Crab Bazooka Bomber is finished.


Crab Bazooka Bomber is a combination between a crab and a bazooka. Its general appearance is that of a crab, only being larger in size. It has two bazookas attached to its back.



Hairy Crab Bomb

  • Hairy Crab Bomb - Launches a hairy crab bomb at its opponents.
  • Walking - It walks sideways from left to right to try and avoid the bombs thrown at it. However, it soon failed when he was trapped by Shout and Birdy.


Name of Origin

Crab and Bazooka come from the fact that it was combined from a crab and a bazooka.


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