Cosplay is a Battle Mode item that appears in Super Bomberman 4. By collecting it, the player will transform into either Honey or Kotetsu. In these forms, all special abilities other than the Bomb Kick are disabled. If the player is hit with an explosion, the Cosplay will be destroyed and the player will revert to normal, becoming invincible for a brief period of time. If the player who is utilizing a Cosplay power-up picks up another Cosplay, the first Cosplay will scatter out of the player and the player will take on the form chosen by the newly obtained power-up.

Cosplay can be both a good and a bad item to have. On the positive side, it acts as a Heart, allowing for the player to make mistakes and escape elimination. However, it also disables special character abilities, and can cause confusion as multiple players may end up wearing the same Cosplay.


  • An unused item sprite of Kotetsu can be found in the game's tiles. It is possible that the Cosplay item may have at one time displayed either character when it appeared on the field.


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