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The Core Mechanism (コアメカ), or Core Mecha, is a key gameplay element in some Bomberman games. Collectively, they act as a level objective.



In each stage, Core Mechanisms are scattered about. Some are stationary, while some may be carried by enemies. They behave similarly to Soft Blocks in that they block pathways and can be destroyed, but they cannot be kicked by yellow Rooi, and they cannot be passed by players or enemies possessing the Block Pass ability.

When all Core Mechanisms in a stage have been destroyed, the exit will appear, allowing the player to continue on to the next stage. If the stage's exit is a Control Capsule, then the glass capsule will break, allowing the player to retrieve the key object that was within it.[1]


Core Mechanisms usually yield a score increase upon destruction.

Super Bomberman 2[]

In Super Bomberman 2, the Capsule (カプセル), also known as Switch (スイッチ), provides the same function as the Core Mechanism does. Capsules differ from Core Mechanisms in that they act as a regular, passable floor tile, although bombs cannot be set, thrown, or kicked onto them. They do not yield any score bonus. Once all of the Capsules in a stage have been activated, and all enemies have been destroyed, the exit will open.

There are two types of Capsules:

SB2CapsuleA In Stages 1 and 2, these Capsules must be hit with one explosion and they will be activated.

SB2CapsuleB In Stages 3, 4, and 5, these Capsules switch on or off when they are hit by an explosion. They must all be turned on in order to open the exit. Once they are all on, even if there are remaining enemies and the exit has not yet opened, they will no longer be affected by explosions.[2]


  • In the U.S. version of Mega Bomberman, they are called Keys.[3]
  • In the U.S. version of Saturn Bomberman, they are called Zarfs.[4]


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