Core Mecha Walker, also known as Mover (ムーバ, Mūba), is an enemy in the Bomberman series.

Core Mecha Walker moves slowly, occasionally turning at intersections. Its sole duty is to carry and protect a Core Mechanism. The enemy will damage Bomberman upon contact. After the Core Mecha Walker is destroyed, if Bomberman is underneath the Core Mechanism when it falls, it will damage him.

In Super Bomberman 3, Core Mecha Walkers come in different colors, with each color being specific to a certain stage.Also their appearance is changed. The green, red, and blue Core Mecha Walkers take one bomb blast to destroy, while the orange and white variants take two bomb blasts and move faster.

It appears on almost every area.

In Bomberman World, he was named Core Mecha (コアメカ). It protects and carries a crystal.




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