The Conveyor Belt (ベルトコンベア) is a trap that appears in many Bomberman games. It consists of some combination of vertical and horizontal pathways, often linked together, that carry objects in a certain direction. The direction of movement is indicated by the belt's animation.

In all games featuring conveyor belts, players and bombs that are placed on the conveyor belts will be carried. In some games, enemies are also carried. Carried objects continue to move along the conveyor belt until they either collide with a wall or reach the end of the belt's path. If a belt carries an object to a corner tile linking a perpendicular belt, the object will be carried in the direction of the linked belt.


Quicksand artwork from the Super Bomberman 3 manual

Bombs that pass over items on a conveyor belt will eliminate those items from play, just as if the bomb had been kicked. Bombs kicked at a perpendicular angle to a conveyor belt (for example, kicking a bomb downward over a horizontal belt) will stop on the belt and will continue to be carried by it. Once a bomb is being carried by a belt, it cannot be kicked off. Carried bombs can still be punched off, however.

When a player is standing on a conveyor belt, that player will be carried in the direction that the belt is moving. Walking against the belt will be slower than usual, and walking with the belt will be faster.

Conveyor belts are common in desert-themed stages, where they are known as Quicksand (流砂).



A Conveyor Belt will switch its direction of operation when the corresponding panel is pressed or blasted.

In some stages, there are two special panels that can be stepped on or blown up in order to change the behavior of the Conveyor Belt. These panels were first introduced in Super Bomberman 2.

ConveyorBeltSpeed The Speed Change Panel (スピード変更パネル) changes the speed at which the Conveyor Belt moves. It is marked with an "S". The Conveyor Belt will move quickly while the panel is pressed down, and it will move slowly while the panel is not pressed.

ConveyorBeltMovement The Rotation Change Panel (回転変更パネル) changes the direction in which the Conveyor Belt moves. It is marked with arrows. Typically, the Conveyor Belt will move clockwise while the panel is not pressed, and it will move counter-clockwise while the panel is pressed down.


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