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B 94 - Control Capsule

The Control Capsules are objects in Super Bomberman 3 and Bomberman '94.


They are devices that are connected with the Core Mechanisms and generally hold an important item inside. Once all the core mechanisms of a stage are destroyed, the glass will break, revealing the item they hold. They also acts similarly as an exit and will automatically ends the stage once the item have been acquired.

Super Bomberman 3[]

In Super Bomberman 3, Mother Computer Chip Pieces are sealed within these capsules, and the stage will end automatically after collecting them.

Bomberman '94[]

In Bomberman '94, Spirit Picture Pieces are found within these capsules. Collecting them will also trigger all the remaining Soft Blocks of the stage to turn into Bonus Coins that the player could collect under a 15 seconds time. If there was no remaining Soft Block before collecting the Spirit Piece, the stage will end automatically.