Constructor X is the fourth boss in Bomberman Generation. He is the boss on Nekki Moon, and is a large robot made up of two smaller ones. The two smaller robots refer to themselves as the civil engineering brothers of the Hige Hige Bandits. The player is treated to a sequence where the two robots transform and become the much larger boss. Constructor X is widely considered to be one of the more memorable bosses of the game.

Boss Fight

Constructor will walk around the arena and use one of his many attacks. He will do one of several things:

  • Launch his drill at you
  • Release multiple sticks of dynamite around the arena that will explode later in the fight. He can release a second round even while the first one is still present.
  • Throw chemicals around the ground near him in a half-circle from his claw.
  • He will pull a large saber from his drill and swing it at the area before him. After the sword has passed, several explosions will follow behind it.

Randomly after one of these attacks, Constructor will open his exhaust ports all over his body to release steam. This is the only time he is vulnerable and can be damaged anywhere on his body by throwing a Big Bomb at him. Constructor X takes 1/2 of a Heart of damage each time he is attacked with a Big Bomb while releasing steam from his body.


  • Big Brother and Little Brother's combination sequence can be seen as a ripoff parody of the "Transformers" series, as the upper and lower body join together to form a gigantic robot that had a similar appearance to lead Transformers robot Optimus Prime. Likewise, Constructor X's combined form can be compared to older Japanese Mecha animes, especially Mazinger Z.


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