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Collapsing Floor

The Collapsing Floor is a trap in Bomberman Quest and Bomberman Portable.


Bomberman Quest[]

It is seen in the second and third cave of Beach Zone and in the fourth boss cave of Desert Zone. The floor tiles collapse when Bomberman step on them, a speed-boosting item (such as Sneakers, Dash Shoes or Rocket Shoes) will allow him to pass them without any trouble.

Bomberman Portable[]

It is found in the Lava World. Here the tile have the appearance of grids, and when the player steps on them they will collapse into the lava after the player move out from the position of the tile. The lava is impassable in this game and canot be fallen into, as such the collapsed tile will just leave an impassable hole (bomb blasts can still pass over them). The tiles that will collapse, although sharing the same appearances as the non-collapsing tiles of the stages, can be identified by their sightly yellowish color.

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