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Coin (コイン, Koin), also known as Breaking Change, is an enemy in Neo Bomberman.


Coin is found in Stage 4 and Stage 5. It moves quickly, constantly pursuing the player. It will harm the player on collision and takes 1 hit (1P mode), or 2 hits (2P mode/Lv6 difficulty) to defeat and yield a score of 1600 points.

Upon defeat, Coin splits into three smaller coins that move quickly, only turning upon collision with a wall or bomb. They tend to turn in a consistently clockwise or counterclockwise direction. They will also harm the player on contact, take 1 hit to defeat (all modes) and yield a score of 200 points.


  • This enemy is very similar in appearance to Curansee.
  • The larger coin has the number "5" embossed on its back, while the smaller coins display the number "1", which symbolizes the nickel and penny for being 5 cents and 1 cent.


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