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The Cliff (ガケ) is a trap that first appeared in Super Bomberman 4.


It functions identically to a Hard Block to everything but players. When a player walks into or is pushed into a Cliff, the player's character will begin to stagger. While staggering, the only action that a player may take is to move in the opposite direction of the Cliff in order to regain his or her footing. A player who is left staggering at the edge of a Cliff for too long will fall off and be eliminated from the match.

Because Cliffs often surround a stage and are sometimes located in the middle of a stage, they make it difficult for players to move around. This can provide a useful distraction for opponents.

Players may also be thrown off of Cliffs with the Power Glove. This leads to instant elimination.

Push Ability

Artwork from the Super Bomberman 4 manual

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