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Classic Mode or Classic Game (クラシックゲーム) is a mode in Bomberman Portable.


This mode is unlocked after finishing Normal Mode. The game's concept is similar to the original Bomberman, but with updated graphics, new enemies and different bonus items. Normal items are generally found on the same stages as its NES counterpart, although there are occasionally some variations. Every 11th, 21st, 31st, and 41st level will change the battle field, and the bonus stages are after every 5th stages. There are a total of 50 levels in this mode. In this mode, unlike in Normal game, there is no inventory, and the power-ups are directly consumed when the player gathers them. If you complete all 50 Stages, all of your remaining Lives, Fire-Ups, and Bomb-Ups will be turned into bonus points. The score can be maxed out at 999,999,999.

  • Time Limit (Stage): 3:00 minutes
  • Time Limit (Bonus Stage): 20 seconds



Stage Enemies Item Bonus Item
#01 Ballom (x5) Fire Up
#02 Ballom (x3), Onil (x2) Bomb Up Mr. Nakamoto
#03 Ballom (x2), Onil (x2), Dahl (x1) Remote Control Coin Panel
#04 Ballom (x1), Onil (x3), Dahl (x1) Speed Up S Panel
#05 Minvo (x1), Onil (x2), Dahl (x2) Bomb Up B Panel
Bonus Stage 1 Enemy: Pontan
#06 Minvo (x2), Onil (x1), Dahl (x3) 1-Up Princess Tomato
#07 Minvo (x1), Onil (x4), Dahl (x1) Fire Up B Panel
#08 Minvo (x2), Dahl (x2), Doria (x2) Remote Control Princess Tomato
#09 Minvo (x3), Doria (x2) Bomb Pass Gold Bomber
#10 Ovape (x2), Minvo (x3) Wall Pass Mr. Nakamoto
Bonus Stage 2 Enemy: Onil
#11 Minvo (x1), Onil (x1), Dahl (x2), Ovape (x1), Doria (x1) Bomb Up Coin Panel
#12 Doria (x6) Bomb Up S Panel
#13 Red Onil (x2), Spinny (x3) Invincible Suit B Panel
#14 Pass (x1), Red Onil (x2), Spinny (x2), Doria (x1) Bomb Pass Princess Tomato
#15 Red Onil (x6) Fire Up B Panel
Bonus Stage 3 Enemy: Dahl
#16 Pass (x1) Spinny (x4) Minvo (x2) Wall Pass Princess Tomato
#17 Red Onil (x1), Ovape (x1), Doria (x1), Minvo (x3), Spinny (x1) Bomb Up Gold Bomber
#18 Onil (x2), Pass (x3), Spinny (x2) Bomb Pass Mr. Nakamoto
#19 Ballom (x2) Red Onil (x3) Bomb Up Coin Panel
#20 Red Onil (x1), Pass (x1), Spinny (x1), Doria (x1), Dahl (x1) Remote Control S Panel
Bonus Stage 4 Enemy: Minvo
#21 Green Ballom (x5), Dahl (x1) 1-Up B Panel
#22 Green Ballom (x2), Ovape (x2), Blocky (x2) Speed Up Princess Tomato
#23 Green Ballom (x1), Blocky (x6) Bomb Up B Panel
#24 Pass (x2), Green Ballom (x1), Dahl (x2), Minvo (x1), Blocky (x1) Invincible Suit Princess Tomato
#25 Green Ballom (x3), Ovape (x1), Doria (x1) Bomb Pass Gold Bomber
Bonus Stage 5 Enemy: Doria
#26 Blocky (x5) 1-Up Mr. Nakamoto
#27 Pass (x1), Ovape (x1), Minvo (x1), Blocky (x1), Green Ballom (x1), Dahl (x1) Fire Up Coin Panel
#28 Blocky (x3), Minvo (x2), Green Ballom (x2) Bomb Up S Panel
#29 Blocky (x4), Pass (x2), Green Ballom (x2) Remote Control B Panel
#30 Minvo (x2), Dahl (x1), Pass (x1), Green Ballom (x1), Doria (x2), Blocky (x1) Fireman Princess Tomato
Bonus Stage 6 Enemy: Ovape
#31 Coccinella (x2), Dahl (x2), Onil (x1) Wall Pass B Panel
#32 Coccinella (x1), Doria (x2), Minvo (x2) Bomb Up Princess Tomato
#33 Minvo (x2), Dahl (x3), Pass (x1), Ovape (x1), Doria (x1) 1-Up Gold Bomber
#34 Coccinella (x5) Invincible Suit Mr. Nakamoto
#35 Coccinella (x3), Pass (x2), Ovape (x2) Bomb Pass Coin Panel
Bonus Stage 7 Enemy: Pass
#36 Coccinella (x3), Pass (x2), Doria (x2) Speed Up S Panel
#37 Minvo (x3), Coccinella (x4), Pass (x3) Bomb Up B Panel
#38 Pass (x3), Minvo (x2), Dahl (x1) Fire Up Princess Tomato
#39 Coccinella (x3), Pass (x3), Ovape (x2) Bomb Pass B Panel
#40 Coccinella (x4), Pass (x4), Doria (x1), Minvo (x1) Invincible Suit Princess Tomato
Bonus Stage 8 Enemy: Pontan
#41 Pass (x3), Orange Ovape (x2), Minvo (x1), Dahl (x1) Remote Control Gold Bomber
#42 Pass (x2), Orange Ovape (x3), Minvo (x2), Doria (x1) Wall Pass Mr. Nakamoto
#43 Pass (x3), Orange Ovape (x2) 1-Up Coin Panel
#44 Pass (x5), Minvo (x2), Doria (x2), Orange Ovape (x1) Fire Up S Panel
#45 Pass (x6), Orange Ovape (x3), Doria (x1) Invincible Suit B Panel
Bonus Stage 9 Enemy: Pontan
#46 Pass (x5) Wall Pass Princess Tomato
#47 Pontan (x1), Doria (x2), Pass (x6), Orange Ovape (x1) Bomb Pass B Panel
#48 Pontan (x2), Pass (x6), Orange Ovape (x2) Remote Control Princess Tomato
#49 Pass (x5), Pontan (x1), Orange Ovape (x2), Minvo (x1), Doria (x1) Fireman Gold Bomber
#50 Pontan (x2), Minvo (x2), Orange Ovape (x1), Pass (x5) Invincible Suit Mr. Nakamoto