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The Circular Saw (円形ののこぎり),[1] also known as Saw (ノコギリ),[2] is a recurring trap in the Bomberman series.


It moves back and forth in a line and will harm Bomberman on contact. Typically, Bomberman must navigate through a hallway that contains the trap, stepping into indentations in the walls in order to avoid it as it runs past him.

In Bomberman Quest, the Circular Saw can be avoided with the Jump Shoes or the Wings. On ground, the Dash Shoes or some other speed-increasing item is recommended in order to help Bomberman get to safety, since the Saw moves more quickly than Bomberman does at minimum speed.

In Bomberman Tournament, the Saw will detonate bombs that it runs into, while in Bomberman Quest, it will simply pass over them.


In Saturn Bomberman, it is called the Nokogirigiri (ノコギリギリ, a portmanteau of "saw" and an onomatopoeic word for "grinding").[3] It rests at the end of a line, acting as a Hard Block. Periodically, it will begin to spin and move quickly to the other side of the line, detonating bombs and harming players who are caught in its path. When it reaches the end of the line, it will stop and rest again. While it is spinning, enemies may pass through it safely. Explosions do not pass through it, even while it is moving.

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