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Charge (チャージ, Chāji) is a ridable enemy from Neo Bomberman. It comes from a mechanical Egg.


Charge is found in Stage 2 and Stage 5. It moves quickly, only turning upon collision with a wall or bomb. Periodically it will stop moving, charge up its dash attack, and will then proceed to move at an even faster pace, randomly turning at intersections for a short period of time before returning to its regular movement pattern. It will harm the player on collision and takes 1 hit (1P mode) or 2 hits (2P mode/Lv6 difficulty) to defeat and yield a score of 400 points.

Upon defeat, Charge becomes a mechanical Egg.


When riding Charge, the player can hold the B button to charge up its dash attack. When the button is released, Charge will dash randomly around the map, turning at intersections. During the dash attack, the player can pass through enemies safely, but will still be harmed by explosions.