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The Champion is a character in Bomberman Land Wii.


He is a villain and picks on the noobs and people who want to be him he also has his own lair. Where he would sit on his throne as while as revealing the mini games via the director. He never shows his real identity until the end of the game but I think he might be the old bomberman guy from the first game. Regardless he is defeated.


Bomberman gets a delivery to go to Bomberman Land, he then sees on the screen the so called new champion who shows up at the start and then gets kicked in the butt revealing a weird figure that kind of looks like him. Which Bomberman is then startled from the fact he just saw himself on the screen. Just then his friends come to meet him when they say whats wrong bomberman you look like you got caught in a tornado. Which then he points to the screen showing a figure that looks quite similar to their white headed and pink gloved friend. This so called champion also during the story takes away the director and kidnaps him. Which then it's our job to save the director.




Bomberman Land Wii OST - Champion Menace


  • Champion is the director's son.