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BW - Challenge Mode

Challenge Mode is a mode in Bomberman World.


It is a 1 player only mode. The goal is to finish the stage under the Time Limit with the best score possible. The player has only 1 life, and collision with any enemy, bombs blasts, timer reaching 0, etc will automatically ends the mode. At the end, ranks are awarded based on the player's performances.


Two modes can be selected:

  • 2 Minutes
  • 5 Minutes

The stage layout is the same for the two main modes, except that the number of enemies, Soft Blocks and items are increased. The boss at the end takes more hits to defeat as well.

In addition, Three types of configuration can be chosen (this affects the items the player starts with).

Some of the items included in the types are not found in the level, so it is recommended to choose wisely depending on the playing style.




Upon reaching the exit of the stage, Bassary is fought, and features the same abilities and behavior as in Story Mode. In 2 Minutes Mode, it requires 3 hits to defeat, while in 5 Minutes Mode it requires 5 hits. 30,000 points are awarded for defeating it (both modes).

Sudden Death[]

The Sudden Death is also featured, appearing when the timer reaches 1 minute (for both modes) and is slightly different to the usual one found in the Battle Stages, the Pressure Blocks still drop and cover the entire map (with the exception of the slopes), but this time covering the left part of the map first, and finishing with the right part.

It shall be noted that the Sudden Death only occurs in the "stage" part, and not during the boss fight, however the timer will still be active during the boss fight.


There are a total of 10 rank titles that are given depending of the score, the score varies between the two modes:

Rank Score (2Min Mode) Score (5Min Mode)
Worst Bomber 0 ~ 9,999 0 ~ 29,999
Bad Bomber 10,000 ~ 49,999 30,000 ~ 79,999
Beginner Bomber 50,000 ~ 99,999 80,000 ~ 149,999
Average Bomber 100,000 ~ 149,999 150,000 ~ 219,999
Decent Bomber 150,000 ~ 159,999 220,000 ~ 259,999
Professional Bomber 160,000 ~ 179,999 260,000 ~ 299,999
Super Bomber 180,000 ~ 209,999 300,000 ~ 349,999
King Bomber 210,000 ~ 229,999 350,000 ~ 399,999
Master Bomber 230,000 ~ 259,999 400,000 ~ 449,999
Ultimate Bomber 260,000 and above 450,000 and above