Centibeetle is the fourth boss of Super Bomberman 4. It is a large centipede mecha.


Centibeetle has two movement phases, which it switches between periodically. The color of the boss's eyes and forehead changes to signify which phase it is in.

  • Blue - In this phase, Centibeetle moves quickly, following the grid and turning randomly at intersections. Its six body segments trail behind its head, and all parts of the boss will harm players and eliminate bombs on collision. If a player crosses in front of its line of sight, it will spit thread from its mouth, which travels in a straight line. A player who is hit by the thread will have slow movement for a period of time.
  • Red - In this phase, Centibeetle's body segments spin around it while it moves quickly, turning at intersections and constantly shooting thread toward the bottom of the screen. Players who collide with it will be harmed, but bombs that are hit by its rotating body segments will be thrown away from the boss. During this mode, only Centibeetle's head is vulnerable to explosions - its body segments are completely invincible.


Centibeetle's head has 8 HP, while each of its six body segments has 3 HP, making for a total HP of 26 HP for the boss as a whole. Once a body segment has sustained its maximum possible damage, it will turn red. The boss will be defeated when all of its segments are red.

Due to the speed of the boss and its thread shots, it is advisable to begin the battle with a large number of Speed Ups. Several Bomb Ups and Fire powerups are also helpful in order to more easily deal damage to multiple body segments at once.


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