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Ceedrun, also known as Seadran, is a plesiosaur-like Charabom that appeared in many Charabom-related Bomberman games.

Bomberman Max[]

He is one of the Charaboms found by White Bomberman in Secret Star.

  • Location: Found in Area 2-02 (Blue Version).
  • Special Attack: Burning Spin

Bomberman Tournament[]


Ceedrun is found in Shura Road, south of Beta. Beta cannot be accessed as a volley of non-damaging arrows block the path. When Bomberman is shot back by an arrow, Ceedrun appears and challenges Bomberman to a "battle" of sorts, where he will try to attack Bomberman with his fire breath. Bomberman must successfully block Ceedrun's attack 3 times to impress Ceedrun and cause Ceedrun to join his team, only then can Beta be accessed by blocking the arrows.


Ceedrun's challenge.

Max Stats[]

Attribute:EleFire (Fire)
SmallHp 180


Ceedrun's ability, which provides a shield while the B button is pressed, can be used to block various small projectiles. It is only really needed on Shura Road, but it proves useful in many parts of the game. It cannot, however, block Bomb blasts, nor can it block projectiles in every direction; the projectile must hit the shield.

Special Attack[]

His Special Attack is Flame; he spits out a large, spiraling flame at the opponent.

Bomberman Max 2[]

Type Fire
Level 60
Attack 260
Defense 200
Special 200
Agility 70
  • Ability: Pierce Bomb. When found, he will allow the player to plant Pierce Bomb.
  • Location: Found in Area 2-06 (Blue Version)

Bomberman Jetters[]

Ceedrun is found in Origin of the Fire Spa (World 3). His ability is to give Bomberman a shield which protects him from certain attacks. When he is leveled up, there will be more shields to protect him.


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