Caveman Wohho (原人ウッホ, Genjin uhho, in Japan) is an enemy in the Bomberman series. It is similar to other enemies in its movement pattern, but is unique in that it always appears in a stage with a Wohho Safehouse, from which it respawns.

Super Bomberman 4/Super Bomberman 5

Caveman Wohho moves slowly, pausing before turning upon collision with a wall, bomb, or other enemy. If it lines up horizontally or vertically with a player, it will change directions and move toward that player. It will harm the player on contact.

It is sometimes found riding on Dogun Jr.

In Super Bomberman 5, it does not pause before changing directions and does not change directions upon colliding with another enemy.

Bomberman Max

Caveman Wohho seems to move randomly, turning and often reversing directions at intersections.


  • In the enemy's original name, "uhho" is a Japanese sound effect for grunting.
  • Interestingly, Caveman Wohho is the only enemy in Super Bomberman 4 and Super Bomberman 5 that has its own unique "death" animation - instead of exploding or burning up, it runs out of the side of the screen.


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