Cat Rinrin Bomber is a super combined Bomberman debuting in the Bomberman Jetters anime in episode 29. It is a combination of Josephine the Cat and the unique Cat Bell attached to Josephine. It has the ability to trap its opponents inside yarn balls.


Mujoe combined Josephine in order to escape with the bell. Just before they escape, White Bomber throws a ball at the window, which Cat Rinrin's cat senses was attracted towards. Exploiting its special sense, White Bomber throws a Burning Fire Bomb at Cat Rinrin, returning Josephine back to normal.


Cat Rinrin is the combination between a cat and a bell. Its head, eyes, and limbs are given a cat-like appearance. Its body is made into the bell. It has a ribbon attached to its neck. It has a bell at the tips of its tail and antenna.

Name origin

  • Cat comes from its cat-like appearance, while Rinrin is the sound of a bell.


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