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Cat Bomber is a playable character in the Battle Mode of Neo Bomberman.

Cat Bomber is one of the contestants of a Bomberman tournament that is interrupted by Bagura. She is captured along with the other competitors and is placed in a Cage in Stage 3-6.

When released, she wanders around, placing bombs and destroying Soft Blocks and enemies. Like the other caged characters, she has one Bomb, two Fire, and the Remote Bomb ability. She is worth 5,000 points.

Special Ability

When playing as Cat Bomber in Battle Mode, pressing and holding the B button and then holding down on the joystick will charge her special attack. Upon releasing either the B button or the joystick, Cat Bomber will perform a damaging dash attack, running randomly around the map, stunning any players with whom she collides and scattering their items. The longer the attack is charged, the longer she will run. However, due to the chaotic nature of this attack, she may end up running into an explosion and losing the round.