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Byakko is the fourth boss in Bomberman Jetters. He is the fourth member of the Elemental Beasts that guards the engine in Under World.


Thunder Bombs are the most effective bomb type in this battle. Byakko can shoot crystals at the player, make rocks fall from the ceiling, or whip his tail around at you. He can also fire a beam from his lower stone face that can be difficult to dodge. Byakko's tail swipe knocks bombs away, so you may need to lure Byakko towards a bomb that is about to go off.

Whenever he is damaged, Byakko will counterattack by leaping towards the player three times, shaking the ground each time he lands. Run away from him when he does this. The attack can be very difficult to dodge without maximum speed.


  • Byakko is the only Elemental Beast to have English and Japanese voice clips, making him the only one that can talk.
  • "Byakko" is the Japanese word for White Tiger.