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Bubble Hole is a level that appears in Bomberman Hero. It is the second level of Area 1 of Primus Star, Woods of Esuram, and can be accessed after completing Groog Hills. The Rank 5 target score for this level is 7000 (6000 for Japanese version) and the cap is 7050.


Bubble Hole is a rather strange level that is mainly purple, pink, and blue in color. There are also numerous bubbles generated by bubble holes and strange enemies around.


The objective of Bubble Hole is to make it to the end of the level. This stage is pretty straightforward and, at some points, warping is needed. Getting the target score isn't that difficult thanks to the straight layout of this level. After completing this level, White Bomberman can access Erars Lake.



Adok Bomb[]

There is an Adok Bomb present in this level. It can be found on a higher ledge that can only be accessed via warping. There is a hole at the middle of the level that spawns bubbles and White Bomberman can jump inside and be warped to the higher ledge.

Treasure Hunt[]

Japanese and Western Version Differences[]

Changes to the Western version:

  • A yellow PuruPuru enemy was added to the start.
  • Two bumps on the sides of the stage were raised upward.
  • A gold gem above the bounce pad after the bubbles instead of a gold heart.
    • The gold gem is also higher up than the gold heart was.
  • A blue gem above the blue PuruPuru enemy on the floating platform instead of a heart.
  • A heart on the right upper platform in the floating platform area instead of a 1-up.
  • No pink gem on the left before the big bounce pad area at the end.
  • A Blue gem on the right before the big bounce pad area instead of a safety vest.
  • A safety vest above the bounce pads instead of a blue gem.
    • Safety vest is also higher up and a bit more forward than the blue gem was.
  • A blue gem on the right on the big bounce pad area was moved left significantly.
  • A blue gem on the left on the big bounce pad area was moved right a bit.
Japanese Version Western Version
BHero Bubble Hole JP 1 BHero Bubble Hole EN 1
BHero Bubble Hole JP 2 BHero Bubble Hole EN 2
BHero Bubble Hole JP 3 BHero Bubble Hole EN 3
BHero Bubble Hole JP 4 BHero Bubble Hole EN 4