Brain is the main antagonist in the game Bomberman Max. He appears as an alien shadow and takes over the super computer on the planet Future Star. His true abilities are unknown since he never leaves the machine.


Form One

Brain resides in the super computer that takes up nearly all of the top row in the room. He will fire waves of fire at you vertically while two guns move up and down on the edges of the room and fire lasers at you horizontally. His weak point are the four areas where the fire waves come out from but can only be damaged when fire is not being used. If done correctly, this form can be defeated very quickly.

Form Two

The super computer is destroyed and Brain resides in a mobile machine surrounded by four small lines of fire. He will move randomly about the room and occasionally chase after you while increasing his speed. The four lines around him will push bombs away and can make him very dangerous.

Form Three

Brain is reduced to a small sphere with a propeller on top of it. He will divide into four spheres and move randomly about the room. Only the real Brain can be damaged and sometimes the fakes will chase after you. Every few seconds the spheres will stop and shoot waves of fire in four directions but they only cross two squares. After they do this four times, they will reform and come back together before separating again.


  • During Form One you can begin the battle by setting bombs in front of all four points at once. You should be able to destroy several of the weak points and finish the others within the next two tries.
  • During Form Three, the real Brain will always start as the one in the top left corner. He can also be noticed as the one that shoots the wave of fire first and is the first one to start moving again.


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