The Boxing Glove (パワーグラブ / パンチ, Punch, in Japan and some English localizations) is an item that allows players to punch bombs in order to knock them away. Punched bombs may be knocked out of the screen to screen wrap to the other side.


The Boxing Glove is most useful for situations in which a trapped player is not able to kick a bomb (due to objects in the way) and needs to move it away by some other means. It can also be used to punch bombs into the crossfire of another player, making for a quick kill.

Bomberman Quest

In Bomberman Quest, the Punch is known as the Gauntlets in English versions, and they are an equippable weapon. They can be used to punch bombs or enemies. Bombs punched with the Gauntlets will be thrown one tile space, and can be knocked over obstacles. Enemies punched with the Gauntlets will be stunned.[1]


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