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Borey, Bomberman Quest

Borey (イノッシー, Inosshi, in Japan) is an enemy that appears in Bomberman Quest and Bomberman Max. It is a wild boar monster.

Bomberman Quest[]

Boreysprites Borey moves slowly and aimlessly. When it lines up horizontally or vertically with Bomberman, and there are no walls between them, it will charge at him in a straight line, only stopping when it collides with an obstacle. The player can use this to his or her advantage by planting a Landmine in Borey's path when it charges, so that it will run over the bomb and detonate it.

It has 4 HP and yields the Tackle Belt upon its defeat.

Bomberman Max[]

BoreyGBMAXsprites Borey appears on Zaurus Star. It moves quickly and randomly. If it lines up with the player, its speed will increase and it will pursue the player for a while before it resumes its normal movement pattern. It takes 1 hit to defeat.


  • The Japanese name "Inosshi" comes from the word "inoshishi", meaning "wild boar".


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