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Border King is a character in Bomberman B-Daman Bakugaiden V. He first appears in Episode 01.


He's the Borderland King and the father of Red Bomber. He was swallowed by the Devil Vader's attack and the space-time distortion that ensued, and went missing.

However, in Episode 19, he is found to have drifted to the Hageshii Kingdom in the Monowasure era and lived as Sanzoku Bomber, the leader of bandits, despite his amnesia. His memory is restored when he is reunited with Red Bomber, but he is swallowed up by the distortion of time and space again, which was caused by Crysmond's resonance after the visit of the B-Da Cops.

In Episode 49, he regains his memory completely, but is swallowed by the distortion of space-time once again. However, thanks to the efforts of White Bomber and his friends, he was rescued in the final episode.

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