The Bonus Stage Entrance (ボーナスステージ入口) is a type of Exit that appears in Super Bomberman 4. When one player reaches it, the current area will be cleared and both players will be taken to a Bonus Stage that is specific to that particular Entrance. More than one Entrance may appear in a single area. These Entrances can only be reached when two players are active, and certain items are required.

Power Glove

The most obvious Entrances are visible at the beginning of the stage, but are barricaded by Hard Blocks. One player must use the Power Glove to throw the other player behind those Hard Blocks so that the Entrance may be reached.


Some Entrances are hidden inside Hard Blocks. In order to access one of these, both players must have the Push item. When both players push against the concealing Hard Block simultaneously, the Block will be destroyed and the players will access the Bonus Stage. It does not matter if the players push the Block from either side or if they both push from the same side.



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