Bonus Items (ボーナスアイテム), also known as Score Up Items (スコアアップアイテム), are items that boost the player's score upon collection. They appear in most Bomberman games.

Item Name Japanese Name Point Value Description
Bomberman (NES)
BPanelNESItem B Panel Bパネル 10,000 An item from Star Force. It appears once the player has revealed and passed over the exit before eliminating any enemies.
GoddessNESItem Goddess ゴーデス 20,000 An item from Star Force. It appears after the player clears all enemies and walks a lap around the outer edge of the map.
ColaNESItem Cola コーラ 30,000 It appears if the player reveals and passes over the exit and does not release the directional button for about 15 seconds before eliminating any enemies.
FamicomNESItem Famicom ファミコン 500,000 It appears if the player chains 248 explosions (by setting off bombs with other bombs' explosions) after clearing all enemies, but without using the Remote Control.
NakamotoNESItem Programmer Nakamoto 中本プログラマー 10,000,000 Shinichi Nakamoto's face. It appears if the player clears all enemies without destroying any Soft Blocks.
DezenimanNESItem Dezeniman デゼニマン 20,000,000 Player character from Dezeni World. Appears if the player clears all Soft Blocks and blasts the exit three times without eliminating any enemies.
Bomberman '94
BonusCoinBman94 Bonus Coin ボーナス


500 After collecting a piece of a Spirit Picture at the end of a stage, all remaining Soft Blocks will become Bonus Coins and the player will have 15 seconds to collect them all.
Super Bomberman
SB1Kendama Kendama ケンダマ 100 A Japanese kendama toy.
SB1IceCandy Ice Candy アイス


500 A popsicle.
SB1RiceBall Rice Ball おにぎり 5,000
SB1Apple Apple リンゴ 8,000
SB1IceCream Ice Cream ソフト


50,000 Soft serve ice cream.
SB1Cake Cake ケーキ 999,900
Super Bomberman 2
AppleSB2 Apple リンゴ 1,600 Appears hidden in some levels.
IceCreamSB2 Ice Cream アイス


3,200 Appears hidden in some levels.
Super Bomberman 3
AppleItem Apple リンゴ 200 These only appear in the boss fight with Bakeron. The boss's leaf attack turns bombs into Apple items. Interestingly, the borders of the item box do not change colors as they do with the other items in the game.
IceCreamSB3 Ice Cream ソフト


1,000 Soft serve ice cream. At least one appears in every world, save for the Battleship.
Super Bomberman 4
CakeSB4 Cake ケーキ 200
FriesSB4 Potato ポテト 400 A box of French fries.
IceCreamSB4 Ice Cream ソフト


JellySB4 Jelly ゼリー 1,000
CrepeSB4 Crepe クレープ 1,200
SushiSB4 Sushi すし 1,200
CornDogSB4 Corn Dog アメリカン


SamuraiBallSB4 Samurai Ball サムライ


8,000 Rice balls. The highest-valued bonus item in the game.
Saturn Bomberman
SaturnMeat Meat 500 Only appears in the Normal Game.
SaturnApple Apple リンゴ 1,000 Appears in both the Normal Game and Master Game.
SaturnIceCream Ice Cream ソフトクリーム 4,000 Soft serve ice cream. Appears in both the Normal Game and Master Game


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